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A.I. Farming on Earth or in Space is not a Dream

Standardize the way we grow on Earth or in Space, Increase Yield by Human Experience & Artificial Intelligence

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SMART Agriculture

AI farming technology improves agricultural productivity by AIOT hardware with A.I. Plant Growing Platform to achieve high yield and precision farming decision making. Data transmission is handling by 100+ CubeSat deployments in Low-Earth Orbit, LoRa, 5G, 2.4G and wifi with groud stations.
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Space A.I. Farming

Our Rearch and Development team are building new standard for growing food with A.I., the standard are use everywhere of the world and preparing outside the earth. Space A.I. Farming (S.A.I.F.) program targets to make super food outside earth.
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Environmental sustainable First

AI Farming Technology team protects the world by growing plants to generate Oxygen (O2) with using renewables energy to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Bio-Fertilizer + Ironic water for land rebuild and plant growing.

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We are Clear #1
Planet Protection and Land Rebuild

AI Farming Technology team protects the world by growing plants to generate Oxygen (O2) with using 100% renewables energy at 0% Carbon Dioxide(CO2) emission. Organic Bio-Fertilizer + Ironic water for planet protection and land rebuild.

Oxyen 30000 poundd per year sustainable  gree sustainable electronic  2000 acres farm  CubeSat 100+  a.i. Certificate  Organic Certificate


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Generated O2 lb/ft / day

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% CO2 Emission

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Generated Green Electricity
kWh / day

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A.I. Growing Platform and AIOT Technology

We are the innovators in Agricultural and Aerospace business

Our AIOT devices and A.I. growing platform provide plant grower with precision farming decisions.
Optimizing the Growing environment/element(s) by A.I. to secure and increase yield.

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Main Features

We are highly committed to build A.I. platform from Human Experience
Click on the image below to see real action on farmland

aifarmtech ai farm planning

AI farming Platform

Improvement Of farming Through A.I. decison Making, real time Data Collection from AI Farm Tech zigbee Smart v1 And Interaction with Crop Experts

aifarmtech ai smart zigbee ti

AIFarmtech smart v1

real time data collection mesh 4/5G Wifi network smart device developed by AI FARMING TECHNOLOGY LTD.

aifarmtech field engineer

years on farm experience

1000+ AIFarmtech smart v1 have been installed in farmland worldwild

Patented Algorithms

Applying DBM, Extending CWV and Teaching and Error Correction by LP 

Easy to Use

Easy to use with specific instruction for growing specific crops.

Transparent Farmland Value

Investor able to locate high value farmland for investment.

Crop Expert and Operations Team Support

Our professional team support techincal and operational level tasks.

Low Power Zigbee

Innovation on hardware with low power consumption for data collection and communication.

Responsive A.I.

A.I. platform collects data from farm directly and crop expert review with farmer daily.

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[email protected]

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+852 6954-4139

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Room 4A16, Block A, Tian'an Chuangxin Tech-Square, Futian District, Shenzhen

International Awards and News

Congrats on EBZ and AI Farming Team winning International ICT Award,
Patented Space A.I., Satellite and IOT Low Power Consumption Green Technology

AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam